Friday, November 21, 2008

our moving is cursed

I am not kidding. every single time something becomes available in a good area or a good house and it has been sitting for a while, it gets rented right before we are going to look at it. back in august my dad found a house for us to rent. we went over and looked at it. it had a HUGE fenced in backyard and the house seemed to be nice. the realtor couldn't show it to us but we were planning on looking at it next week. the realtor wrote last night and said that it had been rented out and they are moving in this weekend. this house has been sitting since JULY! UGH!

I did find this one and wrote the realtor but I have dealt with him before and he is not good at communicating. so, we'll see.


carmen said...

nice house! is this in butler tarkington?