Saturday, November 08, 2008

i love jcrew

i have been in love with jcrew since i was in the 10th grade. I remember getting the catalog and being able to order a few things for my fall clothes. growing up we used to have the tradition to every year go "fall shopping" for new clothes. it was so fun. i wish we still had that tradition and my mom still paid!
i saw this shirt about 2 weeks ago and i swear i have thought about it every day since but it is $50!

i had been waiting for another shirt to go on sale that i saw in the store. it finally did for $19.99 and they all sold out so fast. i wanted it in every color. i wish i could have a more diverse wardrobe but i just don't like it. i want to wear jeans and a tee every day. it is the best.


Anonymous said...

jcrew is my fave too. i LOVE their stuff but is so expensive. but they have great sales if you can just hang in there long enough!

Brooke W said...

you don't need to diversify-it's just YOU...just like putting your q-tips in a cute jar :)