Monday, November 17, 2008

clean house

don't you LOVE it when your house is clean? everything organized and new linens on your beds? I watched oprah's clean your house america (or whatever it was called) and decided I could clean out some closets.
I have been waiting for it to get cold here so I could bring out my new quilt. it hit 49 (and that is cold in florida) so I brought it out. it was so nice and warm last night.

new quilt for the guest room since we are having a visitor this weekend!

holiday pictures hung in our bathroom

rearrangement of furniture. I moved the nightstands from our bedroom to the family room and the family room ones to our room. then I moved the rug from my office to the family room. sophie approved.

cleaned the kitchen


my favorite new place for our towels

and to top off the evening, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies

hopefully it can stay this clean. at least until the weekend!


michelle said...

Dear Tracey,
You go girl!!!
House looks great.. You inspire me to clean up and decorate this place. The printing from iStock photos came out great. Home is where you make it. I have started to put out little hints of winter. Last night I filled a glass jar with silver and blue colored ornaments. It is really cool.
We are still in transition. :) best, Michelle

Rosie Toesies said...

I want to come visit! How fun would that be!! I love your house!

All Things Considered said...

you are putting my housecleaning to shame - i tried to tune oprah out on friday afternoon. there are just two of us here and i have no idea how the house gets so messy, so fast!

love the photos in the bathroom - such a good idea :)

carmen said...

i'm jealous of you and your clean house. seriously. my house makes me cry right now. seriously.

erik and kristi said...

bee-you-tee-full!! wow, i'm jealous! bring the guest quilt and the towel under the cookies - i need them both :) oh and bring the cookies, too.