Sunday, October 05, 2008

perfect fall day

this time of year is about the time I get really homesick for indiana. luckily these past few weeks have been really nice, breezy weather here. some of my favorite things to do this time of year in indiana.

visit the apple orchard

visit brown county

visit the house I want to buy. STILL.

it isn't for sale anymore but if we ever sell our home I plan to knock on the door and make him an offer. wouldn't it be great if someone would do that to us here?

happy sunday!


rachel said...

that's such a cute pic you, kristi and elsa!

~love said...

thanks for reminding me, even as i begin to dread the upcoming indiana winter...that its a beautiful, memory-filled place to be!

Mairzey Dotes said...

I didn't know you used to be a Hoosier! I was born and bred in Indiana...and ended up back here! This is my favorite time of year. :)