Tuesday, September 30, 2008

water bowl stand

isn't this the cutest water bowl stand for our dogs?
I love the little drawer below.

back in 2005 when we were remodeling our house, I found this sink I wanted to have in our "kids" bath. well, we ended up only living in that house for 6 months because my husband got a new job an hour away. so we moved. we took back the sink and pedestal stand because it was $375 for the set.

it just so happened that day that the exact same pedestal stand was on clearance for $10 because it was a floor model. that is right-$10. in perfect condition. I had to buy it. I knew I would be able to find the sink on ebay one day. when we remodeled our bathroom a few months ago I wanted to put this sink in. my husband and his friend said NO! they'd have to re plumb and cut into the wall and well, we are moving AGAIN! one day, anyway. so this has been sitting in our laundry room as a junk stand. tonight we cleaned our laundry room because we received a new w&d (thanks, mh) to replace my old washer since it will no longer dye my tiny sprouts clothing. I then had the idea to take it inside to use as the dogs water bowl stand in the breakfast room. so I unscrewed the legs that would hold the sink and put a cute towel over the top to cover it.
this was the longest post. sorry! but I had to tell the history of it!