Wednesday, September 03, 2008

to dye or not to dye?

(my first tiny sprouts hand-dyed colors picture that I took on a picnic bench when we lived at the beach.)

whenever I started tiny sprouts I started with plain white. I remember having a table at a charity event and someone said, where are your colors? I remembered being annoyed because I had made a bunch of samples with different threads and thought that was color enough (can you tell I am bland?). then I started wanting to add colors but the thought of how many to buy in what color gave me a bit of anxiety. so one afternoon my bil said, why don't you just dye your clothes, it has to be easy. I felt like that was my push of encouragement and I ordered a slew of dyes. it was fun and I loved creating my own colors. initially powder (blue) was easy. lately, it just won't work right. the dye seems to disappear as soon as I add it to the washer. so instead of being able to embroider all day, I stand at the washing machine and swear at it.

so this is my thought. should I buy powder (blue) already dyed from the manufacturer? I feel like it would be getting rid of my hand-dyed uniqueness but I sometimes think people don't even know I dye my own clothes.
I think about how it would be simpler and I wouldn't be stressed about dye spots or my washer not working right. I would still be dyeing every other color, just not powder. am I a sellout?


Colleen said...

go for it - just get it from the manufacturer - as long as it is still as cozy soft as the pieces you hand dye then I don't see why not. The things I love the most about your products are the embroidery and the softness of the clothes, blankets, etc.. Less stress = a happier you!

Jennifer said...

I say go for it as well! Your embroidery is great and I don't think that will take away anything. I'm like you though and really like to do all things myself for myself! I think it would be great and give you more time to do new designs!

Melissa G. said...

not at all. go for it. your work is great and i think the more important thing to remember is all of your other hard work that goes into each piece you make for a little one.

less stress is always better in life and sometimes we just have to let a few things go to be a little happier!

Buki Family said...

i agree with the others, just go for it and buy it. save yourself the hastle.

the rodriguez crew said...

i ordered the powder blue and it turned whiteish the first time I washed it. BUT, I decided it was the handmade element that I loved so much so it didn't bother me. I do definitely think that you can tell your colors are handmade - but it's true what everyone else said ... that if it's too stressful, nix it. did that even help at all? probably not. I think I'm torn! ha! :)

erik and kristi said...

buy it! i say buy them all and save yourself the hassle and washing machine warranty :) OR go all natural and just use white and linen!