Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pb holiday catalog

do remember back in the day when pottery barn used to have a holiday bedding set each year for adults? I remember in 2001 I purchased 2 shams on clearance. I wanted to wait until the next year when they came out with something else. I don't think they had one since. I may be wrong on the actual year but I know in the past few years they haven't. I received my holiday catalog a few days ago and there is a winter bedding set that is pretty cute.

how can you go wrong with a cranberry bird?

when I was in college I used to go to tj maxx weekly. I was dedicated. one day when I was there I saw TWO holiday quilts that were from pottery barn. TWO. what did I do? I bought ONE. one for my sister. I remember thinking, I know I am going to regret not purchasing this king quilt for $35.
what was I thinking? why didn't I buy it? every year when I see my sister's quilt on her bed I want to kick myself.


erik and kristi said...

you're right, that is tdf. no, ttdf. p.s. thank you for the xmas quilt - i still love it.
p.p.s. ek says thanks for the 1999 xmas quilt, too :)