Sunday, September 14, 2008

missing him

I woke up this morning missing my dad a lot. I didn't even tell my husband because I didn't want to cry. I really wanted to go to my dad's this morning and sit in his kitchen and drink a cup of coffee together. my dad makes the best coffee. it is always REALLY hot and always to the tip top of the mug. I always love hearing the pitter patter of his feet on the floor because he never has socks on. soon, soon, I tell myself, we will be in indianapolis and I can run to my dad's for a cup of coffee on sunday mornings!


Derice said...

I know I'm late in commenting on this but this post has stuck in my mind because I so know how you felt that day. I've been there. I lived far away for 8 years. The daddy-daughter bond is a tight one. Deciding whether to pick up the phone to call was, for me, sometimes a hard decision, too; sometimes his voice made me feel all better, and other times it just made me miss him more. Now we moved back so we're only 1/2 hour away from my folks and it's much better. Hang in there. You'll get your big daddy hug soon enough.