Thursday, September 25, 2008

fall festival

this evening I was invited to participate in a fall festival at my friend's house. it was friends of friends of friends and people came and setup tables to display their goods. I took a few pictures as this was the only thing I have ever done like this.

I could so have a store and have it decorated all vintagy. I'd have 105.5 wduv (the dove) playing in my store. it is oldie music. love it. and at my cash register I would have these sitting

my swil's handmade cards.

thanks jen and heather for coming out to support me!


carmen said...

oh my goodness! first of all, your table looks AMAZING. and i totally think that word i over-used so i only use it because i really, really mean it. secondly, how sweet are you? really! thanks SO much for setting out my cards and for giving me another shout-out on the TS blog.
when you move here i want to open a store together. and then we can bring in our future kiddos to work with us!
thanks swil!

Jennifer Williams said...

Thans SO much for inviting us!! I could look at Tiny Sprouts products all night long :)

Derice said...

So glad that the festival was a success for you...and best of all, you had fun, too!