Thursday, September 11, 2008


I finally made the decision. after much thought, I decided to keep my originality and continue hand-dyeing my clothes.

it takes more time but in the end I feel that it keeps me unique. in a world where people have no shame in copying your every design and business, this will keep me, well, me. tiny sprouts.


and my gift wrap is one of my favorite parts. I love to make something so special so when that person receives it in the mail it will immediately make them smile!

thank you to all of my loyal customers! I appreciate you all so very much and the encouraging emails!


AllyZabba said...

yeah! we love tiny sprouts. not only are you the original, but the best too. thanks for your beautiful products! said...

Ya! Rock on! Nobody could ever top Tiny Sprouts! LOVE IT!

the rodriguez crew said...

I love that decision! I was hoping that would be your choice. :) And I got 3 of those cutie boxes in the mail today, and they are like giftwrap candy - delicious! :)

Derice said...

Others may try to imitate you but they could never duplicate tiny sprouts. Your quality hand embroidery, soft clothing, hand dyed colors and organic gift wrap will always set you apart. Plus, I always feel good about my purchases knowing that a portion of the price is donated to charity. How sweet is that? And free shipping to boot! You are definitely in a class of your own.