Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what's in your water?

maybe this story will change your view a bit if you are still one of those drinking out of everything plastic and making every excuse NOT to recycle it.
this is a water sample taken from the pacific ocean. the article says in the Pacific alone, heavily polluted plastic zones amount to the size of the continent of africa.
though this process can not be eliminated overnight, by making wiser choices, we CAN make a difference. you can read the rest of the story HERE.

here are easy and simple ways you can make a difference:
*quit buying bottled water. it is unneccesary. you can buy a SIGG and fill it with filtered water. you are drinking the same thing, if not better. plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A and have shown to disrupt hormones and is associated with obesity and diabetes.
*no more plastic bags! bring your own bag to the store. there really is no excuse any more for people using plastic bags. they sell reusable at about every store and they are usually $1!
*be conscious of the products you buy at stores. is it wrapped in plastic? is the bottle plastic?
*bring your own cup to get your morning coffee.

all these small changes add up and we can all make a difference!