Friday, August 29, 2008

vintage find

while we were visiting my home town, we hit downtown newburgh. I love it there. they have little shops and a lot are antique stores. this is my purchase of the month. I had to have it. I saw this little bear sitting on the shelf. it reminded me of something my great-grandmother would have made. the owner said it was a newly constructed bear but with a 1940's quilt. SOLD, I said.

I walked out of the store and my husband was patiently waiting. he said, you bought the bear? I said, yes. he said, what are you going to do with it? I said, it is for our fake baby. you know, it's for the baby that has the full box of baby clothes at home that I have been collecting since 2000.

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Derice said...

That is one lucky baby waiting to come out...that little one has a trunk full of clothes, an adorable vintage teddy and the talented mama behind tinysprouts waiting out here for him or her.