Thursday, August 14, 2008


we have the cutest little porch that overlooks a park with a huge lake.

(this is how the previous owners had it decorated)

I bought some wicker chairs a bit back but ONLY because they were inexpensive and I was staging our home since it was on the market. after I accepted that our house is not going to sell in this market, I sold them on ebay. so now that our porch is empty and fall is about to begin I am on a mission to decorate our porch. I want to work out there this fall, have a t.v. and feel the crisp breeze. I love the fall (even though it starts in november here). I really want to watch the golden girls out there and stitch. so this is what I am thinking of for the porch:

and I love this rug.
it would go great with the chairs without the paisley pillow


Daryn and Brooke said...

You have been wanting that for a long time! It was just half off at Target here...wasn't it marked down there?! Maybe not since you are in Florida?

carmen said...

love that furniture and esp the rug! we recently had dinner at a fellow irvingtonian house - they have the most comfy front porch. it makes me want to get some furniture that is comfy to sit in and chat with friends and neighbors.

erinann said...

I have that rug and runner! They are fantastic!