Thursday, July 10, 2008


isn't this the perfect summer bedding? I am in love with orange.

my poor little sophie is sick. she is on antibiotics for 3 weeks and had to have a steroid shot yesterday. apparently she is highly allergic to fleas. the vet combed through her and found ONE flea. she said that is all it takes. we have had the worst time with fleas this summer. we had the house sprayed (blah), the yard sprayed (blah) and have given lots of baths and flea medicine. nothing works. EXCEPT this new product COMFORTIS:

it kills every stage of the flea cycle. only downside is it is beef flavored. um, do you have any veggie flavored? she looked at me as though I were crazy. guess where comfortis is made?
only the best city in the united states, INDIANAPOLIS!
this morning I had to get up and give sophie a bath and give her her medicine except she won't eat a thing. so I had to run to the store to get some eggs and brown rice and give that to her. hopefully it will help. on the way home I saw the cutest grandpa driving a hybrid.
oh, so cute. I think he even had a cardigan on.
happy thursday!


Rachelle said...

Where did you find this bedding, it is my favorite print and in my husband's favorite color (a great compromise for our bedding)

Thanks!! said...


McMurrays said...

Lucia's dress arrived today in the mail. . I could not wait to open it. It is beyond darling. Everything you do is such outstanding quality with amazing attention to detail. Not to mention great taste! I can't wait to put it on her this Fall!!!
Darcy McMurray