Thursday, July 03, 2008

salvaged goods

they are one of my favorite places to visit. tonight I found this:

it is a "large rectory linen cabinet" and here is a little about it:
This is a massive piece of cabinetry! The overall height is 8'9 3/4"h. Salvaged from the second floor linen closet of a church rectory in Brillion, WI. All complete and original hardware! Right side is finished, left side is not finished. Back is fully wainscotted!!
and this is from the same church.
can you even imagine that in a kitchen?

would love to buy that fixer upper and use all salvaged parts.
love the details:

this is the kind of sink I want for our next kitchen.

what a sweet kitchen it would be if I purchased these 3 items!


carmen said...

you need a BIG old house for all that stuff! how cool. love love love that cabinet and the sink. i'd love to have that kind-of sink too.

Jennifer said...

Hey Tracey! What it the link to this shop? It will not let me click on it. We have a similar sink to this one in our garage WAITING!