Thursday, July 03, 2008


I have this itch lately to get a fixer upper. my husband really wants to have a project like this when we move. a few years ago we purchased a fixer upper and it was an experience. it was awesome when it was finished but along the way we had much skepticism, almost as though we were the first EVER to take on such a thing.
this is the house I want:

keep in mind that the outside would be completely finished. it would just be the inside. honestly I can picture what it would look like already. a beaut.
here are some before and after of our last house.

master bath before:

master bath after:

master shower after
(I don't have a completely finished picture for some reason):

kitchen before:

kitchen after:

master bedroom before:

master bedroom after:

family room before:

family room after:

so the one I want obviously needs quite a bit more work but....


Lara said...

you are much more brave and talented than i am!

mcmuffie said...

run the other way! Unless you have lots of money to pour into that tear down, just turn around and run! (a voice of experience)