Wednesday, July 16, 2008


so this house hunting, apartment hunting, trying to find a really inexpensive place is really getting to me. the place I had already decorated but hadn't bought says that even though you own it you can only have a dog(s) that weigh up to 40 pounds. how and WHY do people have restrictions on dogs? I think it is discrimination. we live directly across the street from a dog park and the little dogs are the ones who bark all the time. in that high, annoying bark. and the owners of these smaller dogs are the ones that tend to not pick up after them because they think their poop is so small that no one will see it or step in it. so as a BIG dog owner, we are responsible dogs owners and just because my dog weighs 98 pounds does not mean he is not cared for, he is crazy or he is destructive. okay, there, I can come off my soapbox now.
in the meantime, I found this super cute house that is the same size as the condo we were going to look at and it is about a mile and a half from my brother and swil (sis-wis-in-law).

love the front porch.

I LOVE this kitchen. those are the original cabinets and there is a faucet coming out of the wall! LOVE that!!!

original hardwoods under the carpet.

my husband joked that that is probably a day bed because the room is probably too small to fit anything else.