Wednesday, July 30, 2008


the night before we left for our mini-vacation our air conditioner started making a grinding noise. we didn't think too much of it as the air was working. so as soon as we left it started acting up. my mother-in-law babysat her grandkids in a house that was reaching 89 degrees. we felt horrible. the day we returned we called our a/c guy out. it was 88 in our house and so sticky. he is one of those honest a/c guys and I knew it the first time I met him because he sat on the floor and played with our dogs for about 10 minutes. he came out, surveyed the damage and let us know it would be $850 to fix it. whatever I said. I don't get too upset about things like that. it happens and is part of home ownership. so after he left we set the air on 78 to see if it would work, left for dinner, came home and our air was on 78. it has worked every since. hopefully the a/c was just having a bad few days and has since recovered.

this picture has nothing to do with this post but I hate posts without pictures.