Monday, July 28, 2008

kansas city

we are back and what an AWESOME trip it was. kansas city is awesome. lots of hills, brick buildings and really friendly people.

it is historic

TONS to do

lots of fun places to eat

I had bry ask the guy if their potato salad had meat in it. laughing, the guy said, MEAT?! (we were at a TRUE barbecue place and that is pretty much all they had). good thing it didn't because it was SO good.

one of the greatest things about kansas city is they are a "green" city. this was the first thing I saw when we got off the plane in kansas city

you've gotta love that!


Daryn and Brooke said...

That's so awesome that you had a great time! Two things: that's a great picture of the stadium and I LOVE that white top you have on in the candle(are those candles?) cute.