Tuesday, June 03, 2008

sorry, 2 dogs is the max

I have heard this line over and over the past month. looking for a rental that will accept 3 dogs. wait, 3 BIG dogs. no one will. sigh. it is frustrating. if they only knew our dogs. lots of great lofts and fun places to live in indy but no fun and cool place that will take us. I found this great place tonight. takes pets because you own it.

I am really into brick buildings at the moment. this has it. circa 1925. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1167 sq ft (almost as big as our house now), 10 ft ceilings, crown, first floor end unit.
vintage, modern, perfect.

great courtyard

vintage tile

lots of windows and light

nice sized bedrooms


I don't think the perfect place exists out there, at least affordable. the downfall to this? community laundry. can you imagine me hand-dyeing clothes? HUGE positive? the mortgage would be $445 a month. score.