Saturday, June 14, 2008

rain. thunder. scared.

it has been raining quite a bit here which is so nice. it gives us a break from the heat and is a good reason to stay in! the other night it began thundering. for some reason sophie is frightened of it. we heard a loud thud but didn't know where it came from. I began looking around the house for her.
her room (our closet).
under our bed.
under guest bed.
behind couch.
I walked back in our guest room to look under the guest bed and heard her in the office (guest room closet). this is what I found.

the loud thud was her climbing over the computer to get in the corner of the room. she made me laugh OUT LOUD and SO LOUD!


Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness, punky

Anonymous said...

i mean, 'goodneth'