Thursday, June 05, 2008

more etsy finds

check these sweet things out on etsy!

teething ring

I love how on the bottom of the listing it says this: "NOTE: Patent Pending, TM ~ so please, don't try to rip the pattern/design off."

this little shop, for the record has the cutest stuff!

I love hand-embroidery. what I don't love is when someone builds an ENTIRE business ripping off my designs, ideas and products. someone contacted me yesterday asking if I was working for a company and sent me the link to their site. they even stole the backdrop from my website. whomever it is I have a feeling they won't succeed because in having your own business you have to be able to do a number of things and when the first thing you do is steal someone else's designs that is a good sign your business will fail!


Life With Little Ones said...

I just visited the knock off site, its silly... your stuff it sooooooo much better, I cant believe that someone would stoop so low, even copying your sweet little shapes... strange... Today on Oprah she was interviewing designer Mark Jacob's and he said that when people duplicate his designs as knock offs to sell at a cheaper price point, hand bags etc., he takes it as a compliment that someone would want so badly what he already has... Food for thought... good night!

Alyssa Coberly said...

just wanted to say hi! I am one of the giveaway business' on design mom {jig.} and I decided to do some blog wandering tonight! and I just wanted to say how enamored I am with your stuff! I am fully going to be putting in an order ... I just love the sweetness of it all!