Saturday, June 28, 2008


I LOVE this store. tonight I took advantage of a quiet evening and went there. can you tell how exciting my life is?
I love all of the fabrics they have.

if I could sew I would make lots of pillow covers.
so tonight I started planning on some fall goodies to add. this year I WILL have seasonal goods. why in the world did I NOT last year? I remember people calling last year and asking if I had any holiday items. I realized at the time how stupid it was that I didn't. so I am starting early this year, conquering all this before the season creeps up on me.
some things that will be coming to ts soon (hopefully):
*wishlist on our site
*burp cloths--still working on design and fabrics but I think I decided tonight after being in front of all that fabric!
*2 new pajama sets
*2 new colors. SO SO SO excited about this. if you could only see what is in my dye bath right now.
*new fall top
*holiday pillow
*new site features, more pictures, etc.

stayed tuned....


Daryn and Brooke said...

Yay! You are the perfect person to ask: give me a good idea for pillow cover fabric...b/c I am itching to make some but I can't find a fabric to use...probably b/c I've looked everywhere except at Jo-Ann...I want something w/ browns, reds, be on our mossy green couch????Any ideas!?