Friday, May 09, 2008

sarah + abraham

this is my new favorite place to shop. sarah + abraham on etsy.
I love the simplicity of her designs.
I just ordered this print for a friend who is having a baby soon.

I ordered it last night at 1:30 a.m. and when I woke the next morning the proof was in my inbox. she has awesome customer service (I ordered from her the day before, too!).

and I love these stickers and personalized notecards.

AND when you order if you let her know how you found
her she will give you a little treat!


Brenna said...

So... how do you even find all these cute things on etsy? Any time I want good recommendations, I come to your blog! :) Seriously though, you posted about belle&boo in December and I ordered from them. This one is definitely one I'll have to check... but is there some trick to finding the keepers on etsy??

Little Sweethearts said...


Funny perhaps, but I just found your website and blog through ... Sarah and Abraham! She wrote a post about you today.

Your dresses look lovely.
Very nice website: clean, modern, minimalist. Inspiring!

From the comment brenna left I can see that you're already familiar with Belle and Boo. I love her too and have already bought a few items from her. Have you heard about Sarah Jane Studios? You can find her store on Etsy as well. I think you might like her...