Monday, May 19, 2008

birds of a feather

I am really into birds lately or at least they have been on my mind.

the first bird I love is from bird nerd

perfect for a nursery, huh?

bird #2 is a bird card from city bird designs.

bird #3 has been on my wish list for years, seriously.
it is from joom on etsy, of course.

and bird #4 from bla bla kids.

now I think my thought of birds started on saturday night. it was around midnight and we had just gotten home from a friends house. we let the dogs out. now normally after about a minute they start barking to come in. we realized it had been about 5 and we knew they were up to something. bryan (that is my husband) approaches the yard to see all 3 dogs huddled together. he yells for stewart.

he comes running full speed with something in his mouth. yep, you guessed it, a baby bird. the poor little birds legs were the only thing hanging out of stewart's mouth. bryan asked him to "drop it" and he spit it out with little life left in it. why I looked I will never know. so today we will have a little funeral for the bird I named pixie. sniff sniff


carmen said...

super duper cute. esp the card. :)

Daryn and Brooke said...

RIP, Pixie:(