Tuesday, April 08, 2008

a few of my favorite things

my cute friend did a post of a few of her favorite things
and I thought I should do one.

* a shopping day at joann's with no time limit

* crickets chirping at night when there is a
cool breeze and we have our windows open

* postal holidays. it is the BEST. it means I can
stitch all day and not have to worry about making the mail

* fresh flowers

* seeing old people together holding hands. I especially love it when
the grandpa has on plaid pants and a cardigan

* phone messages from my niece

* having uninterrupted time with my best friend
and my sister (since they have kids this is hard to do)

* going to the movies and eating LOTS of popcorn

* vacations with my husband-6 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!