Sunday, March 30, 2008

tiny texas houses

I love the magazine, this old house, and in their march edition they had an article about a company who makes tiny houses from all salvaged materials. the floors, the windows, sinks,


door knobs,

lights, the exterior, everything. it is so neat. 95% of the home is made from salvaged materials and the rest consists of energy efficient products. you can read more about it here. the cool thing is is they build it in their warehouse and ship it to whenever you live.

the homes are very small but that is what I love about it. they make a good point in the article about today's "McMansion Age" how the average home builder maximizes his investment by supersizing square footage and forgetting about craftsmanship and a big yard. you also pick out everything from their warehouse. forget the cruise, I want to go to texas to visit the salvage yard! what a great company with a cool concept.