Monday, March 31, 2008

my favorite store

those who know me best know when I say, "I want to go to my favorite furniture store" it means the salvaged furniture store down the street. I had an itch to go on friday but I had to work all day. friday evening we were going to eat and noticed they were having one of their trunk shows. we stopped in. big mistake. I saw 3 pieces I wanted. who was with me? my pessimistic husband. when I see a unique piece of furniture I want it. it is one of a kind and I will find a place and use for it. I really don't want someone in my ear telling me why I don't need something. my husband loves hats and has probably about 50 of them. I think it is crazy when he wants a new one but I never say a word, it is his moment and I go with it. so I found this AWESOME yellow bookshelf. I liked it and then my husband said, that would be great for our kids, then I LOVED it. I could fit all of the old books we have on it. he didn't want to get it so we left. I then decided that I could take back the chairs he got me for christmas that are sitting in a box in the garage (and will be until we move) and buy some of the things I saw. he was up for it so we went today. we walked in the room and there was a red SOLD sign on it. in that moment I thought, wouldn't it be special if he secretly bought me that book shelf? wouldn't it? can I dream? so I was a little irritated but tried not to be a pee-pee baby. I did find this desk

on ebay for $38 and I bought it. I don't care if I have a place for it, what I will use it for and when but I love it.
oh, and to try to make up for the yellow bookshelf, I saw this bowl today

at my favorite furniture store and my husband said, why don't you get it? I said, why don't you pretend you want to buy it for me! happily he did!


Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

you will find a great use for the desk when you have kids!! I had one until someone stole it out of my garage. loved it!!! it was out of one of the grade schools from the town I live in. We were in the process of moving and it was being daughter used it as her "craft" was a great place to store all the paper, pencils, glue etc.

kcartwri said...

LOVE THOSE!!!! You have to let us in on your secret shop!!!! i haven't found any great stores in florida as of yet!!