Friday, March 21, 2008

day 3

almost complete! we have to wait on the window for about 10 days. we decided the natural light was so nice so we are having a window installed! in the meantime we have a board up so water does not ruin the window opening.
I am in love with this bathroom! I picked up paint today and decided on color "eiffel tower". it is a chocolaty color. one other thing we purchased was a curved shower rod. WOW! what a difference it makes. the shower is a lot roomier. the nice guy hung the rod too high (it is drilled into the tile). I know it will bother me that the curtain isn't all the way to the floor but I will try REAL hard to not let it bother me. stayed tuned for the final pictures.

texture went on the walls and ceiling this morning!

these are the original floors in the bathroom. they obviously aren't my color choice BUT they are unique. so my question is what color walls would look good with these floors? they were cream before but I think I want to paint them chocolate. I just don't want the bathroom to look too stark. any suggestions?