Saturday, February 02, 2008

europe here we come!

we have been talking about traveling to europe for quite some time. we have also been talking about having kids for quite some time. everyone ALWAYS says TRAVEL FIRST and then have kids. after kids everything is different, they say. so we thought, let's travel in 2008 and see parts of the world. I always hate to say when we are older, let's travel and go here and there. what if we never get to that point (trying not to sound too morbid here). september 2008 we are going to europe! we are quite excited. we will be going on a cruise which is a more affordable way to do it. the cruise is 12 nights. we will first being going to ireland for a few days before the cruise departs. the cruise departs from london and then visiting the following:
Le Havre (Paris), France
Vigo, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Malaga, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Cannes, France
Livorno, Italy
Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

anyone have any travel tips or places we should be sure to see?
7 months and counting...

2 comments: said...

We're going to Europe too! This May. We also decided to do it before we have children, because like you, many people have told us to travel as much as we can before we have children. So we're taking their advice.

Once thats checked off the list, baby making begins;)

Lara said...

You'll have such a blast! A cruise and europe are 2 of my favorite things. Joe and I went to europe before Trey, and we had a fabulous time.