Thursday, February 07, 2008

does recycling give you anxiety?

it does me. I am not sure why. is it because I read so much about how things that we throw away sit in a landfill for years? my recent anxiety issue was at costco. I wanted to buy the lint rollers but as I looked at them in a big pack of 6 it stressed me out. they make my life so much easier but all that paper and the plastic rollers made me question if they were worth it. the good thing is I live in a great city who really is great about recycling. every month with our water bill we get a little info on the city. it stated 62% of residents recycle. it is SO easy and pure laziness when it is not done when you live in a city like ours. so anyway, the lint rollers are recyclable and the used sheets can be recycled with our paper. so I bought them.
my next big thing was my packaging. I hated to use those tyvek envelopes because I know people just throw them away AND they are so ugly. so I switched back to kraft paper that is made from recyclable paper and is 100% biodegradable. my mission this year was to buy only products for packaging that are made with recyclable materials and, if possible, 100% biodegradable. check out how cute: these boxes are not deep enough for most of my products so I will be adding kraft boxes soon. I am hoping people will either reuse the box and ribbon or keep it for a keepsake box.

2 comments: said...

I totally agree! I can't stand the thought of people NOT recycling. It's so simple and does sooo much for our environment. I recycle everything, even down to print cartridges, to the tiny cardboard box that my favorite rice is in. Soup cans, soda cans, laundry containers, junk mail etc. I also stopped buying the little bottles of water for our house and now use a brita water filter system. That alone cuts down on tons of plastic bottles. I will also teach my children the importance too:)

Lara said...

I agree! I worry about my product packaging too.

See the post on my blog about freecycle. I do this all the time, especially now since we are cleaning out our house!