Thursday, January 31, 2008

my favorite picture

I love this picture! stayed tuned, we are having some sort of contest for a giveaway for our new spring pique dresses. anyone have any ideas of what kind of contest we should have?


alice232 said...

I have no idea what type of contest you are looking for. This is just a suggestion. I'm impressed with tiny sprouts giving to various charities. To highlight this and promote awareness of the charities you support, you could have a random drawing from people who email the correct answer(s) to a question(s) about the charities tiny sprouts gives to. The questions could be such that readers would have to go to the websites and read at least a little to find the correct answer.

Anonymous said...

great contest idea alice232! By the way the green and pink little bum in that picture belongs to my little noodle. I am in love with your clothes!!