Sunday, January 20, 2008

I want to paint my kitchen

I need a change in there. I love our kitchen. tired of the wall color and HATE our counter tops. they are tile. I hated them the day we looked at our house but I didn't care at the time either. I just wanted the house. I L-O-V-E our house. it is small, quaint and has lots of character. we were watching a dumb movie last night and I kept staring into the kitchen. our kitchen color is a limey-green as you can see. it looks good with the tile in there but I really want the color "mission tile" from behr. it is a cranberry-brownish color, I think. we had it in one of our other homes but it was so long ago and so many homes ago that I can't remember exactly. here, I found the picture:

I either want to paint our kitchen or paint our cabinets. I want them a grayish-dull celery color. we'd still have to paint the walls and if we did paint them that color I would want cream walls. ew la la, I can see it now. I would love to add crown to our cabinets too but it is hard to convince my husband to do anything with our house on the market even though it WON'T sell in 2008. I almost guarantee it AND I am not living my life this year as though we are moving. I realized I spent most of 2007 doing that when I found my 2 gallon glass jars underneath the sink. I spent a whole year without them because a realtor said they made the counter seemed smaller. seriously, who doesn't have things on their countertops?
here is a quick before-and-after picture of a house we remodeled and lived in for 6 months. I will tell you that story one day. I try not to relive it if possible!
we were without a kitchen for 2 solid months. I really don't know how we survived it but in the end it was worth it. except for the floors. we were out of money by then and I couldn't get the hand-scraped hardwoods I wanted in there.
nonetheless it was MUCH better than what was in there before!

off to stitch...