Tuesday, December 11, 2007

our holiday project

we adopted a family this season. we sent out an email to our tiny sprouts customers so they could help us find a family who needs a brighter christmas. below is the story.

"The family in need that I am writing about has a heartbreaking story which sadly will not have an happy ending. Samantha Spencer*, who is in her early 40's, was diagnosed a few years ago with uterine cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and chemotherapy. The doctors thought that they had gotten everything and that Samantha would make a full recovery. Regrettably, that was not the case. The cancer has come back and Samantha, in August, was given about 5 months to live. The true tragedy is that she will be leaving behind her five year old son, Jake*.

Samantha grew up in the Philippines in an orphanage. Her birth father found her when she was 19 and brought her to the United States where she has lived ever since. She then found her birth mother who died from cancer only a few months after Samantha was reunited with her. Samantha is a single mother and Jake's father is no longer in the picture and actually has never met Jake. He is ready and willing to sign his rights away. Samantha does not have any family who can take Jake into their homes so there are several of us that know Samantha and Jake well who are interviewing families in the area who would like to adopt Jake. We all want to make sure that Jake does not end up in Foster Care.

The response in our community to Samantha and Jake's plight has been astounding, but it does not make it any less gut-wrenching. Soon Samantha and Jake will have to say good-bye to one another forever. Jake will have to go through a great deal of grief before he can move on and find happiness with his new family. Any donations to Samantha and Jake will help make their last holiday together a little better and would go toward helping Jake move forward."

*their names have been changed