Sunday, December 23, 2007

the kennedy house

we received a really cool gift for christmas from my brother. I didn't know it was a christmas gift or I would have waited to open it. it is a subscription to the "indiana preservationist". it is magazine about saving homes in indiana that are "endangered" of being torn down. my brother has the coolest job because he helps save those homes! in this month's issue I found this house: the kennedy house. is was built in 1840. the home retains the original hardwood floors and original windows. can you imagine those floors? I bet they are 1/2 foot wide plank floors. it is a historic farmhouse that features two parlors, plus a large family room with adjoining kitchen and bathroom. two large bedrooms upstairs and a partial basement. I would love to see the inside of it. it obviously needs work (the outside has already been preserved) but I think it would be so neat to own a home that was built in 1840. then when I watched little house it would be like laura and I are living in the same era house!