Thursday, November 08, 2007

the heat is on

it is chilly in florida. these past few days I have been gitty because I have felt like I lived up north. I turned the heat on this morning when I woke because it was 67 in our house! so many exciting things going on lately.
1. my nephew was born on monday. he is healthy and so precious. we thank God for that. I am so excited to meet him soon.
2. I just bought the zebra printer to speed up shipping packages. it doesn't use ink and the labels are far less expensive than the full size sheets.

3. I am having my website redesigned and I received the first mock-up yesterday. I felt like she lived in my head because it was exactly as I had pictured.
4. yesterday I received the sweetest email from michelle from she asked if she could send my sister a blanket for her new son. I don't even know her and I thought this was so kind! thanks, michelle!
5. I am having new photos done for my site and I finished up the outfits last night. very excited to see them on babies! how amazing is her work? SO excited!
6. I sent off the material for the new pillows that will be added in 2008. here is a sneak peak!

that is my excitement for now!


Lara said...

ohhhhhh! put me down for a pillow as soon as they are available!