Thursday, October 18, 2007

don't go

sometimes after I embroider an outfit it is really hard for me to send it away. these 2 sets are being sent to canada but I LOVE them. I have always been partial to milk or creme brulee. when I started tiny sprouts I only had milk (white). the only reason I added hand-dyed colors was because of the request for them. I just love the simplicity of my embroidery on milk or creme brulee because I feel the thread colors are what give it color. I particulary love the bluejay and crimson threads on the elizabeth drew set. I am having new pictures photographed and this combination is sure to be found on our new site launching in january of 2008. I am SO excited about 2008. new products, photos and a fresh site. and tomorrow I will show you the cozy pj's I finished up today that I don't want to send away either. they are too cute, if I do say so myself