Wednesday, October 31, 2007

am I losing my mind?

every day from 3-5:30 it is hectic. this is when I package all of the orders for the day and print shipping labels. it is a process. at 5:45 I rush to the post office and ups to make the last drop. today I left at 5:48 p.m. granted the post office is 5 minutes away but I always get nervous I won't make it. I got there at 5:55. whew! I always stop at usps first and then ups. on my way home I was feeling great. I got 20 packages out today and that always makes me happy when I feel really productive. I got home, opened up the back door of the car to grab my basket and guess what was sitting there? you guessed it, all 15 orders to go out ups today. how in the world did I forget that? I am officially losing it!


Lara said...

are you mailing 1st class or priority? I mail priority and the regular mailman just takes my boxes away like magic. i love it!