Thursday, September 13, 2007

little wants

I remember telling my husband not so long ago that if I reached a new sales goal that I was going to purchase myself an ivory mini cooper. I reached that sales goal last month and I didn't buy myself a mini cooper. I would still love to have one because I think they are so cool but I don't want the car payment. I have a few car payments left on my car and I can't wait to have it paid off! what a great feeling that will be. so now I said since I am not going to buy a mini cooper, I think I just want to buy a new camera. I love taking photos of my dogs. I have always wanted a big collage on the wall of them and one day I will add my kids to it when we have some! here is an example of the collage wall I want in our new house. we are planning a BIG move up north so I will wait to do this. besides, we have plaster walls now and my husband would kill me if I began drilling new holes in the wall!